So here I am on Friday night after two hours (that’s right, it took two hours to produce this ‘masterpiece’ of display) setting up for the weekend-long fair at Michelham Priory. My hair is greasy, my make up has removed itself, and I’m more than ready for a cup of tea and a massive piece of cake. Oh, except I can’t because in my wisdom I’ve decided to have a sugar free week.
Here’s my little stall in context; next to me is Christina who makes the most beautiful delicate silver jewellery from real leaves;…and next to her is Joanna who sells clothes. Opposite me were the Lifeboat peeps, next to them a sweetie stall (aaaah!) and on my other side a lady selling her own paintings. It was quite a mish mash of things!
Sales wise, this one was a shocker. I didn’t even cover the cost of the table. On the other hand, I made new friends and contacts and had a good laugh. I MAY get to learn silver smithing. I felt I even took steps in personal growth. You don’t expect all that from a Christmas Gift Fair!

PS. Forgot that I treated myself to this little beauty. Sterling silver and turquoise, which has come out darker than reality because I haven’t mastered evening photography.