So I’m back. Five days in Spain which have truly been life changing.

(The courtyard of the hotel where we did our yoga classes. Outdoor yoga – can’t beat it.)

Yoga twice a day, good food, lots of rest and laughter. Most importantly, time away from the jumble of home life to get perspective and really think about where I’m going and what the heck I’m doing with my life.

The hotel was the perfect space in which to do that, with quiet corners and a lovely welcoming feel as soon as you walked in.

(The view from my window. The hotel is in the Old Town area of Denia on the east coast.)
The owners are interior designers and the hotel is decorated using Feng Shui principles. The wife is also an artist who sells her work all over the world. Every room and spare wall space is adorned with her vibrant work.

We took walks, ate tapas, shopped at the market and shared experiences. Such an interesting group of women – there was a student, a probation officer, a restaurant manager, a gardener, a film animator and a hairdresser, amongst others. Everyone brought something different to the group, but we were all united by the yoga.
Nicole and Gary who run the holidays are just Very Good People – fun, interesting, dedicated, enthusiastic and very good at what they do. Everything was organised with our comfort in mind, from the holistic treatments and classes available to the goody bags full of pampering treats. Nicole didn’t just teach us the postures, she also gave us the philosophy and I have been left with a feeling of changes taking place in me on every level.Here’s the website address in case you feel the need to, you know, change your life.