I can’t live like this any more! I know there are a lot of us out there who dream of having a special room just for art and craft stuff (a studio, if you will); I feel your pain! I no longer eat off the dining table (mainly because I can’t see it), and oh how I miss those heady days of having a sofa. (look at my little man going ‘What are you doing Mummy? Is it walk time?’)

My flat is lovely – if you can see past the horrendous mess you might notice the lovely wooden floors and the French doors into the (tiny) garden, the striking stone fireplace and the soft neutral walls. What a beautiful blank canvas it was. And then in came Tara and BAM. Art and craft paraphernalia, papers, magazines, bubble wrap, boxes of stock and quite a lot of general crap and the place was transformed into, well, not somewhere that’ll be gracing the pages of Homes and Gardens any time soon.This would be my ‘office’. I suppose I ought to be a bit ashamed that I run a business from this fiasco of a corner, but I’m actually beyond shame now. Jaspy looks a bit embarrassed though.
My idea is that by publicly shaming myself in this way I will be forced to do something about it (and then I can show some nice ‘after’ pictures). The main problem is lack of space AND storage. I’m renting so can’t go mad with alterations, and I do actually own about 397 times more furniture than this, which is in storage, so I’m quite loath to start buying more. I can’t afford to anyway. I live alone (unless you count Jaspy, which I don’t because tidying is not his forte) so I have no real reason to be arsed to clear up, and really, if you’re doing art every day, are you actually going to get it all out and put it all away each time?

But I miss surfaces that are empty just for the hell of it. I miss being able to close the door on the mess, rather than being confronted with it every morning when I stumble over boxes of stock and literally have to climb over the dog bed to get to my ‘desk’ (ha).

So this is it now. I have reached the end of my rope. It’s time to Do Something About It. I imagine this will involve trips to the charity shop, binbags for the dustmen and quite a bit of angsting over throwing away that piece of paper that has the info about that thing I was maybe going to look into. I would also MASSIVELY appreciate any advice, encouragement and ideas about how to get round the lack of storage/space/money conundrum.

Better get started then. Just got to do a couple of things first.