Just look at this printy goodness.
Freya is based in London but has a studio in Australia. That’s quite a commute.

You know how sometimes you just wish very very hard that you were someone else? (I had it this morning while watching this Pixie Lott video; legs, face, AND voice? Come on!)
Well so anyway, today I wish I was Freya. She looks like a very nice person AND she has a beautiful website AND an incredible drawing talent. She entirely embodies that naive, apparently simple style I love and includes text in her work which is my favourite thing to do. It reminds me a bit of Rob Ryan but the words make more sense to me. She also uses fab colour combos and if someone (preferably the love of my life) gave me the pink one I’d die of joy.

PS. An argos shelving unit has been ordered. Tidyness is coming!