I worked more on what I think of as the Scottish girl last night. Not sure why I think she’s Scottish but there it is. Feeling a bit better about her background. The beauty of course is you can keep coming back with fresh eyes and adding a bit here and there.

And as SJ pointed out in the comments, it’s all practice so if you make mistakes it doesn’t matter. In fact it’s usually the best way to learn. There are bits I’m still not in love with but I don’t really mind, which seems unusually healthy for me. (Art is healing me! Yay!)

Also yesterday, I made bread – my first loaf! I used spelt flour as I’m wheat intolerant, and would you just look at that bad boy.Do you know what, the best thing about it, apart from the smell and the sight of it coming out of the oven all risen and warm, was how I felt cutting and eating the first slice? I don’t think I can really describe it. Perhaps it was just happiness.