Well I’ve been a busy little bee this weekend. In amongst the painting, dog walking and movie watching, I’ve been visiting the Open Houses. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute and then cramming it all in at once.

At a lovely big house in Fiveways I found Emma Herian and her very cute hand sewn bunnies, hair bands, bags and corsages, amongst other things.

These quick snaps don’t really do her work justice. Have a look at her blog for a better idea.

Then, in Hanover, where all the houses are squished together and the hills are so steep you have to keep stopping and grasping around for some extra oxygen, I found Lucy, of LucyElla, who makes lovely vintage glamour corsages.

On my way home I stopped by Anish Kapoor’s Sky Mirror. Kapoor’s art is more about the concepts than about looking pretty, something I always find interesting but don’t necessarily want in my house (where would I PUT it for starters, these things are LARGE), but there was something very pleasing about the reflections in the concave mirror.

I particularly liked the view of the Pavilion upside down at the top.

I would have liked to have seen the C Curve on the Downs but leaving things to the last minute teaches you certain things about compromise.

Today, I think I visited about five houses and flats. So many photos and pieces of jewellery and ceramics and paintings and sketches and sculptures and embroideries and prints. Here are a few hastily snapped in case I wasn’t really allowed… (which explains why they’re crap)

Prints by Sally Elford:

Look at these funny little creatures in boxes, by Mary Moox (her website doesn’t seem to work):

This house is nothing whatsoever to do with open houses, but I happened upon it on my roamings and was instantly transported to France. What a dream of a house.

I’ve spent far too long putting this post together and it’s not even very good! Bah.