Flat 1 is in a slight state of turmoil. I have rescued a dog called Jasper from the RSPCA and today he came home. He is 11 years old, appears to be a Staffie crossed with a Greyhound and maybe some other things too, is as good as gold, but won’t relax unless I sit on the floor with him.
So here I am, sitting by his bed while he snores on the floor, bum going numb, trying to deal with orders and emails.
Once we’d explored the garden thoroughly (including two neighbouring gardens through a hole I hadn’t previously known about), it was evident that a walk was needed, so we went down to Hove Lawns with the long line for about an hour. By the end of that I was covered in mud and exhausted!
The flat is also not quite as clean as it might be. Thank god for laminate flooring. (I’m still cherishing the possibility of keeping my deposit.)

But then look at that.

This blog is first and foremost about art and craft; that’s why I started it. But with such a major addition to my life it will be impossible not to include the odd photo and anecdote. You’ve been warned.