That’s right people, today was the last day in Roberto’s lovely studio, with Prince playing in the background and people quietly getting on with their bits of clay.

Here are my tiles, which I have to pick up next week as they haven’t been glazed and refired yet. The bottom ones are for three girls I used to au pair for.

Ahhhh, and here is the one and only piece to come off the wheel that didn’t crumple. The good things about it were done by Roberto, the not so good bits were all me. I’m very fond of this bowl as it may well be the only thing I ever make on the wheel. That colour makes me jump up and down inside.
And here’s my first project from week one! My lamp, with base and bulb, all twinkly! This dish lost some of its glaze but I think that gives a nice, rustic look.

And this one is just a little cutie.

I am so attached to all my bits I don’t know how I’ll give them away!

Apart from the ones like this matt black dish for my bro which has his name on. There’s another one coming for my sister, and a couple of personalised tiles and a little square dish too.

It’s been so much fun getting my hands dirty every Monday, and a fantastic way to start the week. But there are many other creative courses available, so I’m thinking maybe oil painting next…..