process of a painting :: terra incognita

Terra Incognita

Hello! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my fortnightly Aquamarine Artnote. You will receive a free mini ecourse of little drawing projects to reignite your inner artist. Thanks for visiting!My self imposed time out is paying off so far, although not in the way I’d anticipated. {I haven’t been naughty, I […]

why i don’t think of myself as an artist


You will see it all over this website, on guest posts and in interviews, when I talk on social media about the courses I create, or the work I do. If it’s not written it’s implied. If I’m not actually writing or talking about myself as ‘an artist’, you’ll see images of me wearing a […]

6 more posts for creative encouragement


Around six months ago I shared a round up of my first Scoutie Girl articles in this post. This month marks the publishing of my final article for Scoutie Girl, making it a full year since I first joined the team after my initial guest post about comfort zones. Following the format of my previous post {to […]

do it yourself :: homemade gift ideas


Last week I shared a few ideas for gifts for the artists and creatives in your life. Since they were all things to buy, I thought I’d do another post on gifts you can make. For me homemade gifts get triple bonus points because: 1. They are much more personal and really make people feel special […]

gift ideas for artists large and small


I don’t normally do seasonal posts, but I’ve just been inspired to put one together because really, what better gift to give than something that will encourage and support someone in exploring art and creativity, right?! ;) And also, this time of year isn’t just about Christmas for me;  somehow most of my family have […]

31 days of playful drawing :: final week


Ta na! One full month of daily drawing completed, with many lovely companions sharing the experience on Facebook and Instagram. Definitely one of my more successful whims. :) Thank you so much if you joined in or left kind comments throughout the month. I might be a recluse but I also love connecting over artistic […]

I dream of creating


I am taking a self portraiture photography course with the lovely Vivienne McMaster currently, and one of our assignments is to create a photo essay based on a selection of prompts. Although this is a little outside my usual area for this space, and it feels a bit weird to use so many photos of […]

31 days of playful drawing :: week three


Week three already! Here’s the round up of the past week’s drawings. As always, some that were fun, some that did not work out as hoped. It’s interesting to observe the ebb and flow of my enthusiasm. It doesn’t seem to be as related to the prompts as one might assume. With a bit of […]