art can bring you home


Hello! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my fortnightly Aquamarine Artnote. You will receive a free mini ecourse of little drawing projects to reignite your inner artist. Thanks for visiting! We are all just walking each other home. Ram Dass Here’s what I’ve come to believe: everything we do is an effort […]

3 easy ways to create interesting compositions


You might know that I don’t like to get too technical about painting and drawing. For me it’s primarily about revealing and developing yourself through your art, so that what you bring into the world is a true expression of you. However, without some level of understanding of the basics, it is much harder to […]

finding your own artistic style :: a practical guide


Finding your own artistic style, that way of painting that makes a piece recognisably and uniquely yours, is something a lot of us find challenging. And it’s not just an issue for newbies, I’m discovering; it can be a sticking point for those of us who have been painting for a while too. Before even […]

7 days of giveaways :: birthday week gifts for you!


It’s my birthday this month, and that is an excellent excuse to give you presents! This year I’m expanding from one or two gifts to an entire week’s worth of giveaways, including some beautiful items from creative friends, so we shall see how that works out! You know me, always experimenting. ;) You will find everything you […]

Curious about Abstractify? Here’s a free sample lesson for you!


I know that whenever I’m deciding about whether to take an online class or not, I really love it when the teacher shares a sneak peek into the lesson format and the teacher’s style. So this week I’m sharing with you a free sample lesson from Abstractify so you can get a feel for what […]

4 fun ways to use a reference image to personalise your art


I use reference images a lot when I’m painting. Because I prefer my paintings to have a basis in reality {however tenuous!} rather than be full abstract, I like to have a tangible starting point. I might deviate from it until it’s unrecognisable, but for me, it’s one of my favourite ‘ways in’ to starting […]