“We do not always create works of art, but rather, experiments.

It is not our intention to fill museums. We are gathering experience.”

Josef Albers

7 day series challenge 2017: participant paintings

We've just completed the second 7 day series challenge, and it was another rousing success. :)  The premise of the challenge is to create a series spanning a week in whatever medium you like, as a chance to explore your own work within a focus and time container, and...

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Make a mini painting series: The 7 day challenge returns!

Last year I ran a week long painting series challenge designed to help those of us with magpie tendencies {ooh, new shiny art thing! I must try it! But now all my art looks different. Sad face} to get a feel for creating consistent work. The challenge was hugely...

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How to start a painting: 7 artists reveal their process

Something I've discovered on this meandering path that is the artist's life, is that there truly are endless ways to create art. The beauty of our uniqueness is that while we can do things in a similar way to others, we'll never get the exact same result....

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Magnificent Moving Sale!

  As you may know, this month I'm diving into Phase 1 of my experimental move to Cornwall - finding a place to rent. I don't usually put my art on sale, but in the name of moving with less stuff and finding good homes for some of my many paintings and weavings,...

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artist + teacher + creative encourager

Welcome, artist friend! I'm Tara, and this is where you will find motivating encouragement, wild enthusiasm, exciting ideas {both thought provoking and inspiring}, and concrete actions to take in service to your dream of creating the art that is true to you.


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