31 days of playful drawing :: week three


Hello! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my fortnightly Aquamarine Artnote. You will receive a free mini ecourse of little drawing projects to reignite your inner artist. Thanks for visiting!Week three already! Here’s the round up of the past week’s drawings. As always, some that were fun, some that did not […]

what’s your recipe for creative bliss?


“One grand boulevard with trees with one grand cafe in sun with strong black coffee in very small cups. One not necessarily very beautiful man or woman who loves you. One fine day.” ~Recipe for Happiness Khaborovsk or Anyplace by Lawrence Ferlinghetti A while ago I talked about how no one else’s formula or blueprint can truly […]

31 days of playful drawing :: week two


Have you noticed how there usually comes a point in a project where the initial excitement has settled down and you reach a kind of plateau, and how bloody boring that can feel? That. Obviously I want every single day to be filled with glorious inspiration, fabulous ideas and endless motivation; for every stroke of […]

when the desire is there but everything else is louder :: a poem


When I see people wanting to explore their creative side, their inner artist, and not doing it for whatever reason, I always find it so hard not to wade in and start imploring them to please just begin! To not get evangelical about it because of what I know it can do for a person, what […]

unexpected detour :: process of a painting


After several weeks of not producing anything I was really loving on the painting front, {I liked a few things, but didn’t feel that heart pull with them} this happened last Saturday. I’d just completed my drawing for the day, which I was not happy with, but I saw in it the composition for an […]

31 days of playful drawing :: week one


I honestly had no idea when I first decided to do a month of fun daily drawing that so many lovely people would be joining me! It’s such a delight to see the varying interpretations of the prompts, and all the gorgeous drawings coming up in my Instagram feed and on my Facebook page. It’s not […]

how to find time for art in a busy life


What’s the number one thing that stops us making art? Time. Or more accurately, lack thereof. {Obviously this is not based in science or anything, but I can tell you it comes up more than anything else people ask me about.} This post is for anyone who feels like their days are all filled up […]

on creative process :: an artist blog hop


Having recently discovered lovely Margie {with a hard ‘g’} from Language of the Soul Studio when she nominated me to take part in a blog hop alongside her, today’s post answers four questions about my creative process. Although I don’t always say yes to blog hops, this one feels relevant – and I hope will be […]