“We do not always create works of art, but rather, experiments.
It is not our intention to fill museums. We are gathering experience.”

Josef Albers

What to do when you don’t love your own art

Sometimes along the artist path, we reach a place where we don't actually love what we're making. Maybe it's because we're in a transitional phase, moving from one way of making art into something new. Or perhaps there's a lot going on in our personal lives that is...

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Expressive charcoal art: Student gallery

  When I first had the idea for the Expressive Charcoal course - and then when I was putting it together - I hoped to open up my enthusiasm to others in fun, action oriented, accessible ways so they could make their own discoveries. {Actually that's a fair description...

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5 fun ways to use charcoal + a giveaway!

  The number one issue people seem to have with charcoal is that it's messy. That's true, but so is paint! {Or at least it is the way I use it. ;)} We don't make art to be orderly and contained - we do it to express! And charcoal is such a brilliant medium for that...

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Expressive drawing with charcoal: A free video lesson

  If you've been hanging around here for a while, you'll know I 'quite like' charcoal. It perfectly suits my love of freedom and expressive art making - it's tactile, bold, versatile, and yeah, pretty gloriously messy. :) I love it so much I created a course to share...

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One simple trick to make better paintings

  Let me preface this with a caveat - I endeavour not to use qualitative statements about art. No 'good', 'bad', and therefore also no 'better' or 'worse'. Value judgements are both arbitrary and not helpful, especially when you're in the early stages of learning your...

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16 ways to make a painting more abstract

  One of the most popular questions I hear from artists is 'how can I make a painting more abstract?' So many of us come from a background that told us 'good art = realistic art", and it can be hard to break away from that into something more abstract and expressive....

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artist + teacher + creative encourager

Welcome, artist friend!

I'm Tara, an artist, teacher, and creative encourager living in Cornwall in the UK. My work is about helping you find confidence and clarity in your process and expression as an artist.

I offer courses that focus on uncovering and developing what's unique about your artistic voice, loosening up for freedom of self expression, and a lighthearted but deeply meaningful approach to making art. I'm a big fan of action taking too, so you'll always find practical things to try here. Thank you for visiting!

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