My interview on the Art Conversations podcast with Lisa Jayne Irvine

I’ve been on a couple of podcasts in my time, and if I’m going to be completely honest, it’s something I’ve always found incredibly difficult.

But I’ve been doing a lot of focused and intentional mindset work in the past few years, and my self image and ability to ‘own my value’ as an artist and teacher have shifted significantly.


Sidenote: Shifting and realigning your mindset is one of the two pillars of being a thriving and fulfilled artist that we focus on in the Happy Artist Studio. It’s weird, and it takes effort, but it works! Come and join us if you’d like to start shifting your own artist life up a gear!


So I actually surprised myself by saying yes when Canadian artist Lisa Jayne Irvine reached out to me about having a chat for her podcast!

And I’m so glad I did.

We had a lovely conversation and she asked some great questions.

As you know, things get juicy when artists talk with other artists about process and what lights us up!

Tara Leaver on Art Conversations with Lisa Jayne Irvine podcast

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