I'm sharing my art and people love it...so why is no one buying?

“I love creating, I use different mediums, I am always inspired, I create for myself what makes me happy and nourishes me, I have my niche, I promote my art and do my marketing, people say my creations are beautiful and calming.

And yet …… no one is buying, neither physical canvases/sketches or art prints from my online shop.

I came to a point where I ask myself: why continuing sharing them?

There is always a sense of sadness when I see that I don’t get likes or followers or actually that no one is buying; its like I am sinking inside. I don’t care much about likes and comments but I do care about receiving money for my art.

Otherwise, whats the point?”

This is part of a question I recently received from an Artnotes reader, essentially asking, I’m sharing my art – doing all the things you’re ‘supposed to do’ – so why is no one buying it?

It’s a great question, and a brave one to voice, so I appreciated the reader sharing it with me.

I had a few thoughts, and decided to share them in a video, so I included it as part of one of the monthly Q&A videos I make for Happy Artist Studio members, and am sharing that section of it below.

I think this is a much more common situation than we may realise, because it’s not something many artists will want to discuss publicly, understandably!

Many of us share our art out in the world, whether just with friends and family, or on social media, on websites, or in galleries, at art fairs and so on.

And the thing about the online world is that how things appear, and how they actually are, are often very very different.

So today I’m sharing some of my own experiences and thoughts around this subject, and hopefully it will offer some insight and reassurance, whether you share your art to sell or simply for the pleasure of it.

Let me know in the comments – what’s your experience of this, and do you have any words of wisdom to share with our courageous artist friend who asked the question?