Studio Essentials - The Happy Artist Mug

I recently had a brainwave – I needed a Happy Artist mug.


How did I not realise this before?!

So I designed one, had a prototype made, and I LOVE IT!

Holding the Happy Artist mug

So much potential – paintbrush holder, coffee holder, paint water holder… {as long as those last two don’t get mixed up we’re golden}.

I particularly love that the handle and the inside are this bright cheery yellow – this mug is basically the embodiment of my Happy Artist philosophy.

Want one {or two} of your own?

I’ve got you covered, artist friend. You can find a whole array of mugs over here in my Etsy shop.

There are six different colours available, plus plain white if you’re more of a minimalist happy artist, and a larger size if you like a vat of coffee with your painting sessions.

Get your reminder of your true self here. ????

Happy Artist mug

Feel like maybe your experience of being a happy artist could use an upgrade?

Well, I might be able to help you with that too.

I created the Happy Artist Studio membership as an affordable way for artists to access all my courses, and to use that access to dig deep into your artist self, refine your voice, clarify your vision for the artist life you want, and start stepping into it with purpose!

And a mug! ????

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