What's inside the Into Nature online art course?

Sitting on the fence about the Into Nature course?

Here’s a little video offering some glimpses into the kinds of things we’ll be doing in the course:

It’s not just about painting and drawing {unless you want it to be}.

We also explore getting outside and making land art with just the materials nature provides.

We take photos and think about ways of seeing.

We play with clay and ways to bring nature into our homes and daily lives.

We look at how poets have expressed nature in words {because even if you’re not so much a words person, they can offer another layer of depth and richness to our experiences}.

We take walks and venture into new-to-us wild places.

Whether you live deep in the city or out in the wilds, have ten green fingers or struggle to keep a pot plant alive, I created this course for a simple and profound reason:

Immersing in nature as an artist is one of the best ways I know to restore myself during difficult times, whether those are personal, professional, or global {or all three!}.

Making art in collaboration with nature has brought me deep peace, inspired joy, reconnection to life, and fresh energy to my art.

If you’d like to experience some of that with a little guidance and a lot of encouragement, over 30 videos, ideas for adventures, art and creativity tips and suggestions, and {of course} lovely visuals and audios, click the button below and start your own journey back into nature.


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