The Half Way Point - a free worksheet to check in on your artist year


If you receive my twice monthly Artnotes, you’ll know about this; I decided to share it here too in case you don’t, as I’ve found it to be helpful.

At the end of each year I use one of my creative planners to look back over the year just gone, and think about what I’d like to create in the one to come.

{If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll find the various planners I’ve offered here – there are four, and they get progressively more detailed each year so you can choose the style that works best for you, and all are free so please help yourself.}

I’ve always resisted rigid planning {please don’t make me do SMART goals!}, but I’ve learned that even a cursory glance in both directions can be incredibly supportive and grounding, and is much more likely to get me where I want to go.

I always find I’ve done a lot more than I thought, and I really enjoy spending some time creating space for new ideas and laying out a rough map for the future. {Details are typically dealt with in the moment.}

And I don’t know about you, but around the midway mark I can find I’ve lost my way a bit with my original intentions.


Filling in The Half Way Point at sunset

Filling in The Half Way Point at sunset :)


This year that has been particularly true because the move and the renovation {here and here} have really thrown everything into disarray, and the many pieces are far from landed just yet.

I noticed that as soon as I looked back mentally over the past six months the first things that came up were judgements – haven’t done enough, haven’t worked hard enough, not focused enough, not making enough income.

The second thing was, yes but you’ve been renovating a house! {And you’ve had work in three exhibitions!?!}

I needed a kinder, more useful, more evidence based way to see this, so I made a worksheet I’m calling {rather imaginatively} The Half Way Point.


The half way point free worksheets



It’s just two pages, super simple. Here’s what they contain:

  • A calendar for the first six months of the year with space to note down any specific achievements, milestones or events to celebrate or remember
  • Some questions to ponder about what’s happened so far, where things might go for the rest of the year, and whether anything can be let go
  • A calendar for the second half of the year with space to map out any dreams or plans to work on
  • A space for notes

If you’d like to do a low pressure check in too, click the button below to download and print it out. I recommend a beverage and some sort of delicious snack while you do it.




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