Do you know your own painting language? A free course


Have you ever thought about your way of painting as a language?

I’ve found this to be a very useful metaphor, because it instantly clarifies that

a} it’s something in which you can become ever more fluent, and

b} just as with your handwriting, you do also have a painting style that’s unique to you in all the world.

Since you’re here on this website, chances are you’re not 100% clear on your personal painting language yet. You might even doubt you have one.

You might be where I was a few years ago, trying everything, taking a million classes, learning from teachers whose work I loved, enjoying it all… and ending up as confused as ever.

Over time, that changed for me, but it was quite a long time, because I couldn’t find anyone to teach me how to paint like me, and I hadn’t yet fully understood that it was much deeper and more nuanced than that. And of course, no one outside of us can truly teach us that.

In fact, one of the most exciting and rewarding things about painting is that path of discovery.

The one that leads us home to ourselves as artists and humans, expressing the truth of who we are and what has meaning for each of us.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have help!

Perhaps you do have some idea of your personal painting language. You may already be making repeated marks and shapes, or using a colour palette or exploring a subject that looks and feels ‘like you’. But perhaps you’ve got stuck in a rut, or you know there’s more but are not sure how to uncover it. Perhaps you want to expand your language beyond its first few basic words.

That’s what Abstractify is for. While in the end it is down to each of us to put in the time and focused action to develop our art, this course has already helped many people really start to get to grips with what’s unique about their art in a way they hadn’t before.

As Elizabeth Winters, a past student of the course, said about the experience:

“Through all the Abstractify lessons, we were never told HOW to paint or draw. It was all about inspiration, encouragement, possibilities, and many very well-chosen demonstrations and videos; and I for one have painted and completed more in this past month than I have ever before. And it was MY work, not a copy of someone else’s.”


The free course

However, this is not about corralling you into taking Abstractify if you’re not ready or it’s simply not for you. To explore this idea of having your own painting language further, and to help you decide either way, I have created a free 8 day email course called Discover Your Painting Language, to give you a taster of what’s possible for you, as well as the kind of things we explore in Abstractify, should you wish to join us for that afterwards.

If you’d like to receive the free mini course emails without obligation, pop your details in the box at the bottom of this post. {If you’re already signed up to the Abstractify waiting list you don’t need to do anything; you’ll receive them automatically.}


How it works

Once you’re signed up, starting July 24th 2018 for 8 days, you’ll receive a daily email containing a little lesson to play around with. Each lesson will focus on an aspect of painting that relates to your unique language as an artist. There will be a concept to think about and an action to take, as well as tips and extra resources.

Rooted in practicality, the aim is to help you become more familiar with what’s ‘you’ about your art. It’s also an opportunity to revive those abandoned and stalled paintings lounging around the studio {I know you have some ;)}, or simply start fresh new ones.

If you’d like to do it in company, there’s no specific hashtag but please feel free to use the #happyartistmovement hashtag on Instagram. There’s also an option to do it alongside artist friends in my private Facebook group for subscribers and course participants. You can sign up for access to that here. Or you may prefer to do it on your own and take it at your leisure.

However you approach it, the intention is, as always, to get you focused within yourself and continue to strengthen your relationship with your art. Don’t forget to sign up below if you’d like to receive the emails! Any questions, hit me up in the comments below.