Inspiration and ideas from the experiments in collage project on Instagram

A couple of months back, I embarked on a new project, which I called Experiments in Collage. It was a way to play with some ideas I had and stay creative in an easy way while I prepared for my imminent move to Cornwall, while connecting and sharing the experience on Instagram with anyone else who wanted to join in.

I was really pleased with what came of the project, although I want to add that I see it as ongoing, so the hashtag can be used on Instagram whenever I {we!} feel like making collage art. Although I had to stop while the flurry of finding a new home and organising a move has taken precedence, I fully intend to keep exploring this kind of art.

And people joined in with gusto, which was lovely. You can see their work here.

Here are some of the collages I made.

Tara Leaver

Trying to see how minimalist I could get! Really love how this one turned out. I got quite addicted to the blue verticals.


Tara Leaver

Based on Porthcurno and the Minack Theatre. The blue, weirdly birdlike shape at the bottom is dried acrylic paint peeled off the palette. Great for collage!


Tara Leaver

Based on St Michael’s Mount and the causeway you can walk across to reach it at low tide. Added paint and charcoal to this one.


Tara Leaver

Experiments in yellow!


Tara Leaver

More minimalism explorations.


I shared a timelapse video on Instagram of a collage coming together; you can see that here.

Here are some artists whose collage work I’ve found inspiring:


If you decide to explore collage at any point and share it on Instagram, don’t forget to use the #experimentsincollage hashtag so we can all see!