Touchstone Giveaway 2016 - win one of three places on the September 2016 session of the course by entering before 22 August 2016


Thank you to all who entered and talked so honestly about where you want to take your art! The winners picked at random are:

Elaine Nicholls

Lisa Simmonds

Rhonda Preece

Congratulations to you all! I’ll be in touch with further details.

Registration is now open for earlybirds! Click here to join us!


It’s that time! Whenever I launch a course,  I also always run a course giveaway, because who doesn’t love a chance to win something cool? 😉

So, if you’ve been keen to join Touchstone for its inaugural session in September 2016, this is your opportunity to do it for no pounds! Which handily converts to exactly zero dollars.

How to enter

As someone who doesn’t love to jump through hoops to enter a giveaway, I’ll keep this simple. Here are the rules:

  1. Share this post far and wide {You can do this by either pinning one of the images to Pinterest, sharing to Facebook, sharing it to Instagram using the image below, or using one of the handy tweets – also below –  if you’re on Twitter. Feel free to do all four – and thank you if you do! – however be aware that it’s one entry per person.}
  2. Leave a comment here {so I know you have shared and want to be entered} sharing something you’d really love to learn how to do to take your art to the next level {whether that means for you in terms of skills, understanding your process better, sharing/selling it, using technology, or whatever your specific thing is. Be as specific and detailed as you like!}

Boom! Done.

Draw date

I will be announcing the winners drawn at random on Monday 22nd August, here on this post and also via email. If you want to receive that email rather than re-find this post, you can sign up here. You can also find out from that link what the course is all about and whether you might actually want to win a place on it! 🙂

Please note: If you don’t leave your email when you comment {there’s a dedicated box for it}, you won’t be eligible to win. I need to be able to contact you!

Good luck friends! I’m looking forward very much to seeing you on the course. 🙂

Ways to share

Twitter/Facebook {simply highlight and use the easy pop up box}

Want to win a place on the new Touchstone course for developing artists? Click link for details and easy giveaway entry!

Wanting to make art a bigger part of your life? Tara’s giving away 3 spaces on the new Touchstone course. Check it out here:

Pinterest or Instagram {use this or the top image}

Touchstone Giveaway 2016 - win one of three places on the September 2016 session of the course by entering before 22 August 2016

About the course

Here’s a quick summary {more info here}:

What it is

A four week deep dive into you as an artist, whatever stage of the journey you’re on.

We’ll look at your life situation, who you are, what you need and desire for yourself as an artist. We’ll lay foundation stones for a richer and more rewarding creative life, whatever your circumstances. We’ll cultivate a stable platform of confidence and ease for you to stand on so that you can take your art in the direction of the dreams you have for it.

It’s not necessary to be a traditional or full time/career artist to live a rich and meaningful life as one. All that’s required is some clarity, some support, and some self awareness.

Who it’s for

Beginner/re-starter artists, as well as those who have been making their art for a while but keep snagging on time restraints, or life interruptions, or not knowing what they’re doing, or getting sidetracked by mean inner voices {what I call the demons}.

Any kind of artist who wants to be making more of their art, more often, with more meaning and less angst!

Who it’s not for

Full time career artists, or anyone who is already thriving to the maximum in their art practice, whatever that looks like. I also don’t recommend it if you’re not a fan of introspection or growth {which sometimes feels hard and often requires courage and commitment}. There is a large thinking/writing element to the course, as well as the practical art side.

This course asks you to dig deep and be bold in order to get the results you seek, but with plenty of support and practical actions to take. 🙂

What’s included

  • Audios with transcripts each day, full of principles, concepts, and suggestions to percolate on and integrate*
  • A printable and rather lovely Manual of Self, full of questions and things to ponder and clarify for yourself as you start to build your artist lifestyle
  • Video minis with quick art ideas to kickstart sticky moments
  • An invitation to do a personal project for the duration of the course, and help choosing it
  • Watch me do a project alongside you, from start to finish
  • Heaps of resources for perusal and inspiration in your own time to support your experience
  • A private, members only Facebook group with focused attention and support from me as well as the camaraderie and learning that happens when you do it alongside others

*We’ll cover topics such as procrastination, self doubt, mean voices, process, your creative space, finding what will work for you with your specific desires, needs and quirks, meaning, permission, inspiration, overwhelm, sharing what you make and much more.

“This course is so content rich that I know I will be going back to review many sections. Tara is a kind and encouraging teacher who gently pushes you to create as only you can create. This sounds simple, but it is actually a huge challenge when there is so much “out there” to compare yourself to. Touchstone helps you plan strategies to tackle the obstacles (real and imagined!) that get in your way of doing your own unique creative work.” 

Alison Kaczmarek