Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle Cards + a giveaway

You know when you stumble on a course that looks interesting, and you read the entire info page several times, but would still like to see what it actually looks and feels like? That happens to you as well, right? Well this post is a little preview of the Good Things To Come inside Practical Intuition, my newest course, starting February 1st 2016. Just in case you’re in that place. And even if you’re not, you might enjoy the short video.

Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle CardsThe format of the course is ten days of lessons spread over two weeks, with the weekend for really immersing if you didn’t have time during the week. Each lesson is a different mix of explanatory and thought provoking text, audio, video, downloads and links. I’ve had about a million ideas {give or take} while writing the course, so it’s also packed with suggestions for possible ways to approach your cards.

The delivery is a little different from my other courses, in that the lessons will arrive in your inbox daily without a separate classroom area, and as usual we’ll gather in a private Facebook group. Past participants of my courses will tell you I make being present and available in the Facebook group my priority, so any questions or comments will be responded to practically before you’ve asked them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s one of the videos from the course; some are longer and more detailed with me talking {never more than 15-20 mins}, while some, like this one, are super short {2-5 mins} and designed to spark ideas.

The password for this one is: card2

So a typical day on the course might look like this {depending on your situation of course}:

  • Scamper excitedly to your inbox first thing to find that day’s email.
  • Read it through with a nice hot cup/cold glass of something, making any notes or clicking any links to investigate further.
  • Watch the video, and/or listen to the audio, and/or open {and print} any downloads. Perhaps order something you’ll need to make your cards, or plan to buy or borrow it later.
  • Let the ideas percolate in you throughout the day as you go about your business. Experiment with the ideas that feel most exciting and interesting to you.
  • Take some time to get creative! Perhaps prepare some cards, or make up one or two, or play with different ideas. I’ll be there with ideas and support every step of the way
  • Pop by the Facebook group to share any insights, what you made that day, or ask any questions to clarify next steps.

At the end you’ll receive a beautifully designed ebook with all the course content so you can return to it any time. You’ll also be invited to join my private Facebook group for course alumnae and Artnotes subscribers.

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I have designed the course so that it’s not necessary, or even perhaps likely, that you’ll complete a deck in the two weeks. You might, of course! My own deck has evolved quite slowly and that has allowed me to really connect with every card so that each one feels deeply meaningful, as well as to provide a ‘quick fix’ of creativity by making one or two here and there when life requires most of my attention elsewhere. The process is more ofย a slow cooker meal than of a microwave one. ๐Ÿ™‚

I encourage you to approach it at your own pace and not add pressure for yourself with thoughts of ‘keeping up/getting behind’. You will still be able to share and connect in the Facebook group after, and if you join my private Facebook group you can continue to share there too, so you won’t be left hanging after the two weeks of the course are complete.

If you have any questions about the course, you can refer to the FAQ here, or contact me here.

Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle Cards

And because I always do one for a new course, I’m doing a giveaway! Two free spaces, and if you’ve already signed up of course you can still enter and if you win you’ll be refunded what you paid.


Cynthia Lee
Shell Windsor
Jess Crawford
Lelainia Lloyd

Giveaway Entry

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That’s it! Boom, you’re in the running. I’ll do the draw on January 21st at 6pm UK time.

Here are a couple of tweets, if you’re on Twitter; simply highlight them and a box will open up. Works for Facebook too. Easy peasy:

Want to make your own oracle cards? Tara Leaver is giving away two spaces on her new course until Jan 21st! For details, visit:ย

Two free places available in a giveaway for new course – Practical Intuition: Make Your Own Oracle Cards! Ends Jan 21st 2016. Visit here to find out more:ย

Thank you for helping me find the people who would most love to do this course, and good luck friends!

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