It's enough to do it for love

Do you ever feel pressure around your art or creativity?

  • Pressure to share it
  • Pressure to exhibit it
  • Pressure to sell it
  • Pressure to turn it into prints and products
  • Pressure to promote it
  • Pressure to be consistent
  • Pressure for it to be excellent, all the time

I’ve felt all of these, so I can testify to the fact that sometimes making art can have all the joy sucked out of it in about five seconds. And worse, that those five seconds can result in no art at all, for quite some time. #notcool

Well, I have something to say about that. {Surprise!}

Firstly, all of those things are good, if they are what you want.

Secondly, if they are not what you want,

It’s enough to do it for love.

Just for the love of paint and colour and shapes and playing and making a mess and expressing yourself in a way that feels good to you.

If you don’t want anyone to see it, then no one has to see it.

If you don’t want to drain the will to live out of yourself by trying to get your work into galleries, trying to sell it, trying to spread yourself and your work around online and/or offline, it’s perfectly ok to not do that.

I think the internet has brought us many wonderful gifts – new ways to connect and share, a wealth of learning opportunities, videos of babies and animals doing adorable things.

I also think it can – if we’re not 100% in charge of managing ourselves and our feelings {and let’s face it, most of us are still working on that} – create unnecessary pressure to not just be an absorber of all that, but to contribute to it too, to have our voice heard.

Which is also a wonderful thing, if it’s what you want.

Having been squeezed through the pressure tunnel and come out the other side, I just want to remind you, it’s ok to just make art because you love it, with nothing else attached. I am starting to think it’s the best way to do anything.

Have you felt the pressure to ‘get your work out there’? What’s been your experience? Do you feel it’s enough to do it for love, even if no one ever sees it or you never sell a single painting? Let me know your thoughts!