If you’ve been considering joining us for the final session of Abstractify this October, you might like to see this video for more of an idea of what it’s all about. Earlybird registration opens very soon! Sign up below to find out as soon as it does.

It would be so fun if you join us! It’s a little gem of a course {she says modestly}, and I can’t wait to run it one more time this year. Here are some reasons why you might want to say yes:

  • Very high level of personal support, encouragement and interaction from me
  • 20 fun, easy but rich lessons designed to help you develop your work in your own style
  • Get to know your own processes through experimenting in easy ‘low risk’ ways
  • Live course with creative friends alongside you means it’s easier to keep momentum going
  • Supportive group to share and make discoveries with
  • Techniques and approaches to try that act as springboards into new levels of exploration
  • Heaps of inspiration from other artists, both historic and contemporary
  • Ideas that don’t involve copying, thus freeing you to ‘make your mark’
  • Investigation of different areas {abstract, landscape, figurative, still life} to find your favourite

This ecourse is the best to find an easy way to express yourself in your own unique way through paint. Tara shares a lot of ideas approaches, tools and techniques that can support “Abstractifying” and help you discover what makes you tick as an artist. I deeply recommend it.

Abstractify student