Your art is important in the world {and how I know this even if I haven't seen it}

Isn’t it so easy to read quotes like the one from Seth Godin below, and think, ‘well that’s lovely, but it doesn’t apply to me’, or ‘one day I’ll really embody that’, or even ‘I know that’s true’ but then carry on not acting as though it is?

You might have come across, or been involved in, an exchange like this a few times:

Person 1: “I want to do this thing {make art/start a business/write a book/other creative dream} so much, but it’s all been done before. What can I possibly have to offer that we haven’t already seen a million times?”

Person 2: “It might be true that there’s nothing new under the sun, but that thing you want to do has never been done by you. And because of that it means that if you’re not doing it, there’s a hole in the universe that only you can fill. Your unique gift is valuable!” {or similar}

And then Person 1 is all like, maybe…… but you can tell they don’t really believe it.

I’ve been Person 1 and Person 2 in this scenario. Currently I’m Person 2, with very occasional protests from Person 1, which I tend not to listen to any more.

One thing we rarely seem to realise, and it’s becoming more and more clear to me lately, is the impact we have on the world.


Usually we don’t know because perhaps people aren’t used to saying so, or they’re shy to, or it doesn’t occur to them to let us know.

But when you start to get emails saying you’re inspiring, or someone tells you that you made them feel better about something that was worrying them about themselves, or you help someone do something you know how to do and they don’t, and they are happy, that’s impact.

I think we often assume that unless you’re doing something ‘huge’ ~ founding orphanages, appearing on Oprah, writing bestselling novels ~ what you do doesn’t count, or doesn’t count as much. If huge quantities of people don’t know what you’re doing, it’s somehow less valid.

And yet, how can that be true when you need only smile at someone to brighten and shift the feeling of their entire day?

So can you take this on board if I be all Person 2 on you right now, and say, your art is important in the world?

It’s important because it’s a gift you give to yourself by doing something you enjoy.

It’s important because self expression enables you to be more of who you are.

It’s important because being more of who you are benefits everyone. {Including you.}

It’s important because people who see your art can benefit from your gifts and talents.

Someone recently said to me, about something I’ve been holding back from offering because I’ve been afraid I’m not going to be ‘good enough’ at it, or that people will be disappointed in me ~ not doing this is actually kind of mean! Because you have this gift and you’re not sharing it!

She was joking, but also kind of not. 😊

I’m not suggesting there’s something wrong with you if you don’t want to share your art with the world, but if you’re not even letting yourself make it, something very important is still lost; your wellbeing. And then it can’t ripple out to others.

Seriously; make your art! Feeling better inside yourself quietly is more valuable than you can imagine.

{Steps down off soapbox.}


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