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I know the internet is awash with planners right now, and if you’re anything like me you’ve investigated quite a few, possibly invested in one or two, and got busy mapping out the year ahead.

{I always find this kind of hilarious about myself as I typically hate structure and rarely stick to plans, but I still relentlessly love to make them.}

I had an idea ages ago to create an art and creativity based simple planner, and it hasn’t come together until today, but since I haven’t seen much evidence of a planner that is just for tracking your creativity, I decided to rock my {very basic} Pages skills and see if I could make something short, sweet and useful.

And thus, the ‘My Creative Year’ planner. Three pages, two questions and one calendar. And of course, completely free for you to download, print and stick in a journal or on the wall.

You could write lists, make mind maps, illustrate it, or do whatever makes most sense and is most fun for you. Mine will be on the wall by my desk so I can add to it as the year goes by and my plans inevitably evolve.

So please download it if it feels like something you’d like to use to track your own creativity this year.

Happy planning! And even happier creating. :)


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