I honestly had no idea when I first decided to do a month of fun daily drawing that so many lovely people would be joining me! It’s such a delight to see the varying interpretations of the prompts, and all the gorgeous drawings coming up in my Instagram feed and on my Facebook page. It’s not too late to join in if you fancy some playful drawing this month!

I also had no idea that October appears to be THE month for drawing ‘challenges’. Some people are combining this one with others such as Inktober and The Big Draw. I like to think mine has a certain something unique. 😉

So here’s my first week’s drawings, followed by some drawing related links I’ve discovered this week. {Law of Attraction I suppose!}


Favourite Mug :: ink, feather, neocolors, water


Floral :: black pitt pen and watercolour pencils


One Word :: charcoal and lots of smudging


A Way of Travelling :: carbon paper, pencil, watercolour pencils


An Arrangement :: Letraset black pen and Promarkers


From the Kitchen :: ink and feather {and cold dinner!}


Pattern :: coloured pencils

There are some I love, some I do not love at all, and one that led to a full blown painting {which I’ll share on Friday}. So far it’s a real pleasure to be drawing every day, and do be doing it alongside others when originally I thought it’d just be my sketchbook and me.

Drawing Extras {for inspiration and amusement}

Drawings from The Little Prince {complete with coffee stains}

A mother/daughter drawing collaboration 

Genius drawings using everyday objects 

Below is part one of a series of programmes on drawing I found on YouTube. I haven’t watched them all {and found the second one not at all to my taste}, but they provide an interesting backdrop to our project.