While things are quiet in the studio and most of my creative energy is going into revamping the Creative Spark ecourse this month, I do like to play in my sketchbook, especially with oil pastels and Neocolors.

Here’s a little selection of what’s been going on in ye olde sketchbooke the past couple of weeks. Some are just play in and of themselves, and some are done with a mind to working them up as paintings later.


fish in oil pastels {from a photo I took at a garden centre recently – you never know where inspiration is lurking!}


An abstract inspired by an image found on Pinterest. Learned a couple of new things about adding marks over layers and using unexpected colours. {Salmon pink I’m talking about you.}


The outdoor studio, with studio buddy sidling about, probably hoping the oil pastels were edible.


Another Pinterest image inspired oil pastel drawing. Really loving the big expanse of orange.


And yes, another image inspired by Pinterest! {The holy grail of inspiration for me lately.} This one, in Neocolors and pen, was for Susannah Conway’s August Break prompt, Reflection.


A work in progress, in oil pastel. Love this idea of a scene made abstract by rain.