Making art you love doesnt have to be hard

There is a common misconception if you’re just starting out with making art, or wanting to, or coming back to it after a long hiatus, that it’s going to be difficult.

The main belief shoring that one up is that that’s because it takes many years to become skilled at making art, and even then only some people get to be really good at it.

{And if you’re not going to be really good, why bother.}

Well, I say yes and no.

There are people for whom it does come more easily, for whom art making is their highest path in life, for whom the filter for their gifts in this lifetime is a particular talent for creating beautiful and/or thought provoking art, and for sharing that with a wider, buying audience.

Then there are others, for whom making art is actually mostly about pleasure and fulfilment, exploration and self expression, without the added extras of fame and fortune.

Where you are now

So let’s say you haven’t picked up a brush since you were five, when some unaware teacher made a seemingly innocuous but actually crushing comment that caused you to back away from the art table and lay your brush down for good.

Or maybe you used to make art just for fun, but life circumstances got in the way and now you feel overwhelmed by the apparent size of what restarting would feel like for you.

Or you actually don’t remember ever making art and it feels like a secret realm to which you don’t have right of entry, and even if you did, you have absolutely no idea where to begin.

{Plus you are certain you’d be crap at it, because you don’t know ‘how to draw’.}

It’s entirely natural that the thought of returning to something that has lain dormant all this time, but that has been calling to you with ever increasing volume, brings up fear and anxiety.

There are two things that are important to note about that:

1. If it is calling to you, even in the quietest most tentative whisper, no amount of fear and anxiety will stop it nagging at you because the very fact that you’re hearing that call means it’s in you; there is an artist in you of some shape or form, and he or she or they want to come out!

Listening to that voice will bring you peace, even if at this point it just feels scary, because it will mean honouring a truth inside yourself.

2. If you do ignore that voice because of the fears that come up alongside it, you are not only going to have to deal with the constant inner battle of whisper/fear/whisper/fear and thus have no peace with it.

You are also denying yourself a whole world of fun, play, joy, connection, and all those other lovely feelings and experiences we all want so much and spend so much time chasing.

In part, this feels to me like my work in the world this time around, because I’ve been there.

I know what it’s like to love making art and to lose that love, through life circumstances, through illness, through criticism.

I also know not only how to get it back, but that it’s much easier than many of us tend to think.

It would be my honour {and I rarely use that word} and pleasure to guide you to do just that.

I have created a pathway, and can light the way as you take your first steps back into making art, in a way and at a pace that suits you.

And perhaps most importantly, I can show you how easy and joyful it can be.

The benefits you can and will enjoy as you reacquaint yourself with colour, shape and paint ~ fun, delight, play, fulfilment, flow, discovery, surprises, pleasure, excitement, peace ~ far outweigh any fears you might be holding onto.

I’m not saying it’ll never be scary again, or that you’ll never struggle.

But I can make it easier for you to get on the path, and I can offer you a place to keep walking once you’ve started, with companionship and support beyond as you continue.

If this sounds like something you need or want {or both!}, I invite you to join me on a journey of rediscovering your secret inner artist.

Even if you don’t believe you have one.

Because if your curiosity is piqued or you hear a faint call to play in the world of creativity and making art you love, you absolutely do.


Creative Spark Ecourse ButtonThe Creative Spark ecourse was my very first online course, aimed at beginners and re-starters. I offer much more now, from courses to help you loosen up; to uncover and develop your artist voice {or style, as some call it}; to get your mojo back; to be inspired by other artists without copying them; to deal with the demons we all deal with as artists – and many more!

They’re all available inside the Happy Artist Studio, so you don’t have to do it alone!

You can find all the information by clicking here, and if you have any questions whatsoever – nothing is too small or too silly – I am here to answer them. {I am not here to persuade you, and asking questions does not obligate you to sign up.}

“Before beginning the course I felt nervous and insecure about my creativity. Now I feel excited! 

I love the videos where we get to see you working. It is so inspiring to see another artist work and to see the beginning steps of a drawing or painting and watch it develop from a rough idea into something beautiful and complete.

I would definitely recommend this course because it helps with becoming open to your own creativity and not afraid to just go for it and explore on the page.”

Donna, Creative Spark