A free sample lesson from the Creative Spark Ecourse - a six week art course for beginners and restarters

It occurred to me that if you’re interested in taking the Creative Spark ecourse ~ and actually even if you’re not and would just like a little peek at how I teach and a fun exercise to try – you might like to see a sample lesson from the course itself.

This video is from Week Four of the course, and is a good example of the kind of thing you can expect. In this video you will learn:

  • how you can make a painting based on, and expressing, an emotion
  • a variety of approaches and techniques for expressing yourself with paint
  • why I advocate a connection practice as part of your creative life
  • why bold steps can sometimes be worth the risk
  • how a painting can teach you about yourself
  • my philosophy and approach to making art
  • different things you can do with a painting like this


As you can see, this painting is not a masterpiece; it’s not something I’d frame or necessarily share with anyone. It’s the kind of painting you can make as an experiment, to satisfy your curiosity about paint and what it does, or how you might paint your feelings, or as an opportunity to allow yourself to make drastic changes half way through! Think of it as the equivalent of a tester pot, or a dress rehearsal.


If you enjoyed this and are wishing you could get {back} into painting in a non overwhelming and easy way, the Creative Spark ecourse might be just what you need. The approach of the course is simple, step by step and designed to encourage experimentation and exploration at a gentle pace.