This painting has been hanging in my home for quite some time now, even though it never felt finished. I did {and do} love it in a way, but it never felt quite ‘it’ for me. It lacked depth; it wasn’t really saying anything.

landscape before {tara leaver}

My best paintings and I have an ongoing dialogue, even after I’ve finished them {although ‘finish’ is a very arbitrary term when it comes to painting I’ve learned}.


It’s not anything that would be recognisable in words – perhaps it’s more accurate to say it’s an energy exchange, a kind of silent back and forth conversation.


Let’s just say this landscape wasn’t saying anything to me. 🙂


So on Friday evening I found myself upstairs in the studio, music on loud, whirling about like a dervish and singing like someone who should only ever sing in private, and flinging paint at two old canvases.


I’ll show you the other one soon; for now this is the process of taking my silent landscape to something a bit more communicative.


I used a combination of big brushes, a palette knife and oil pastels. The painting isn’t based on anything – there was no reference image – which can be kind of risky for me but I wanted to grab the urge to paint with both hands right then rather than fiddle about looking for a suitable image and no doubt getting distracted.


All I really knew was I wanted it to feel like there was more going on beneath the top layers of paint, both literally and figuratively.

You know me, not that interested in realism; much more interested in the energy and feel of things. And painting to music is excellent for putting dynamic energy into your art.

Skyline by Tara Leaver

Skyline by Tara Leaver :: mixed media on canvas :: 50 x 50 x 3.5cm 

I’m really happy with the result! It’s hanging in the living room now while I live with it and make sure it doesn’t want anything further added. {Although I see I forgot to sign it, as usual. Commitment issues, anyone?!}

I will soon be closing my Etsy shop and bringing everything under one roof here on this website. Like all my work this painting is for sale. Please contact me at for further details.