You may remember this painting from when I wrote about the abstract painting course I took recently. This is actually it further back in the process, when the challenge was to use a size, shape or colour palette we wouldn’t normally use.

You know me, I like a square canvas and I have a certain colour palette, as many artists do, that I tend to default to, because you can really never have too much turquoise. Amiright!


So I went for a landscape rectangle, and green {with some yellow, red and yellow ochre}. Oh my. How I did NOT love this!


I was totally out of my comfort zone, didn’t like the colour mixes I was getting, couldn’t get to grips with the composition, and spent a lot of the time thinking ‘oh. NO.’ {So that should nicely shatter any illusions you may have had about how it goes around here. 😉 }


But I persevered.


And I still hated it! Ha.


I shared it with the group and everyone was very kind, saying it reminded them of Monet. And some people do just like green. It’s funny how other people finding things to love in your work helps you see it in a softer light. {Little Life Note there.}



I left it horizontal until after the end of the course, knowing it wasn’t finished but feeling daunted by all the unknowns and possible variables. And then I thought, sod this. It’s my painting, I can take it anywhere I like. So I turned it, and started an energy painting over it. I tried to keep the greens, but of course some blue/aqua crept in.


I can’t even tell you how much I love this image above. I know it’s kind of a mess but the drips and splatters, the way the colours run together, the feeling of movement. It moves something in ME.


Spring Torrents :: mixed media on canvas :: 30 x 60 cm

So I kept going and kept going until it felt complete. I also added some Iridescent Pearl, because having discovered it while making Artist Inspired I now need to have it in ALL the paintings.

I really REALLY love this painting now. It’s for sale but in the meantime it’s hanging in my bedroom and I swear it’s shifting the energy in there somehow. And when I shared it on Facebook it was astonishing not just how many comments it received but also how people see so many different things in it. It’s a painting full of messages for sure.