Sometimes I make small one off pieces of art that don’t necessarily look like my ‘main’ paintings, the big ones on canvas. This little painting is a case in point. I had the spark of an idea to use my Neocolors to make some simple flowers based on circles. I played with the idea in my sketchbook and this happened:

Then I wanted to try something a bit more focused, so I made another on some Bristol board. I marked out a rough square with pencil so I could mount it afterwards.


started with scribbly circles


mixed and matched


just add water :)


I flicked water onto the page and then pressed it off with a cloth to make some interesting marks


like this


at this point it’s ready for more detail


details in black and white pen

I spent some time turning all the loose forms into different kinds of flowers with black and white pen {SO fun and meditative}. And now it’s finished! I’ve mounted it {matted it if you’re in the US} and signed it, and it’s in the shop now.


“sea blooms”
mixed media on paper

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