what my toast does NOT look like lately

I have burned more toast in the last few weeks than I’ve eaten bread toasted the normal {edible} amount.

It doesn’t help that my toaster makes its own decisions about how long it’s going to run for. It’s entirely unpredictable; some days it totally nails it, other days I come back after almost five minutes and it’s still toasting!

Obviously I can’t really blame the toaster. Or Mercury Retrograde. It’s the going away part that’s causing all this kitchen drama.

Why AM I going away from the toaster when it would save me a small fortune in bread and only takes a minute or two to make?

Because I’ve slipped into the cycle of Always Doing.

It’s so easily done. You start a project {or six}. You’re so excited about it; it fuels you on many levels. You keep stopping tasks mid way through because you just had a Really Cool Idea That Must Be Implemented Immediately. Many things lie about the house, half done. Or overdone, in the kitchen.

The whole thing becomes this delicious flowing marinade of inspiration, fulfillment, and NO PEACE. {Plus burnt toast.}

I know full well this is how I roll. And I’m learning all the time how not to let it get out of hand. I talked about finding balance recently, and this is something I play with daily.

But there are only so many pieces of toast you can burn before you kind of have to pay attention. It’s time to come back to where you are and BE there.

So here’s my new plan to stay present, be mindful and complete tasks one at a time.

Stay with the toast.

Pretty radical right?

Sometimes the best plans can be summed up in four words.

Edible toast, a quieter mind and beautifully completed projects here I come.