If you are a regular round here, you’ll know I have a penchant for finding heart stones on the beach at the end of my road. I frequently find them and share them on Instagram.

It seems my eyes have become so practised at finding heart stones, there’s no real challenge in it any more. I still love them, but it’s usual now for me to find several on one trip, and I began to find my eyes scanning for something else.

I guess it was inevitable given my love of words and lettering, and like some of the best inspirations it was entirely unplanned; I started picking up stones that had markings on them that looked like letters.

Here’s the first word I ever spelled with stones:

love letters 1

I was so excited about it, I wanted to see if I could find other letters, so now when I go down there I’m scanning for hearts, sea glass {rare here, so another good challenge} and stones with ‘letters’ on them. Weirdly, the most common letters seem to spell love. I’ve managed ‘joy’ but it had to be in French, as I haven’t found a decent ‘y’ yet.

playing with some of my finds on the beach

playing with some of my finds on the beach

I have amassed a small group of various letters now, and the other day thought how lovely they’d look in a simple box frame. A quick poll on FB and Instagram met with resounding approval, so here is my first framed “LoveLetters”!

LoveLetters by Tara Leaver

All nature is but art.

Alexander Pope

{I may have taken this out of context.}

Pretty cool, right? I’ve got this particular set lined up as a gift for someone, but I’ll definitely make more as I find more letters. I love that one of a kind vibe, and the fact that they evolve slowly over time.