It’s no good priding yourself on walking your talk if you’re not actually doing that.

I confess I’m still learning about how to integrate a consistent art practice into my life while doing all the other things. And in all honesty, I actually think it’s unlikely that I ever will be completely consistent. I’d love to be the kind of artist who spends every spare waking moment drawing and painting, but I’m too curious about all sorts of other ways of being creative to do that.

boy 1

I don’t think I have quite the optimal balance yet ~ I haven’t painted just for me in weeks, and this is the first piece of art I’ve made in quite a while ~ but I’m ok with that.

boy 2

The photograph is by the awe inspiring Gregory Colbert, who I featured a few months back.

boy 3

I lost myself in it and felt good afterwards, and that, my friends, is what I call a good way to spend your time.

Boy by Tara Leaver

Now to just do it more often… {which we all know I’m probably not going to, at least not for a little while.}