I was doing a ‘send’ for someone just now, which is my term for a distance Reiki healing. It takes twenty minutes, and requires me to use both hands, so for those twenty minutes I’m sitting quietly while the healing energy flows through me to them.

My new favourite thing is to drag my armchair in front of the glass sliding door onto the roof terrace, with the view of the rooftops, road, sea and sky, and just watch the world go by.


The timing of the send could not have been more perfect. The sky is pale pale blue and streaked with wisps of cloud, slightly yellow off to the right where the sun is beginning to sink; people are to-ing and fro-ing up and down the road, coming home from work or taking the dogs out for an evening stroll; the sea moves constantly at the end of the road; and best of all, the starlings which fly past in dancing groups every evening whoosh past in two of the most spectacular clouds of movement I’ve ever seen, right in front of my window.


They fly so fast I only see them for three seconds, but those three seconds are so blissful it gets me thinking about what else lasts just three seconds but shifts you inside, even after a hard day.

And how easy it is to take three seconds out of your day to experience joy!

This is what I’ve come up with so far:

  • the first sip, savour and swallow of morning coffee, made exactly how you like it because you made it
  • the first soft, cooling wave that falls across your feet when you stand in the sea
  • that feeling of sitting down when you’ve been rushing around all day and just SINKING into the seat
  • closing the front door behind you when you’ve been out in the maelstrom for hours and letting out the breath you didn’t know you were holding
  • the smile you receive when you give one to a stranger you pass in the street

These are some of my three second wonders. What are yours? Maybe we can do some swaps. 🙂