If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart.

If you’ve been coming round here for a while, you’ll know I like to be pretty open and honest about what’s going down; I value transparency and like to use myself as an example when I can, ’cause, let’s face it, I don’t have all the answers, so I’m learning from stuff just like everyone else.

planning collage

phase one: make use of large areas of floor, and post its

Thus, in the spirit of sharing my experiences as a beginner to the world of filming, editing, and creating 30 days of online lessons {which I’m not calling lessons in my head because it starts to freak me out}, I thought you may enjoy some behind the scenes photos of how I’m pulling the Creative Spark ecourse together.

behind the scenes planning

working out the materials list

{In my defence, even though this is my first foray into online teaching, I’m pouring my heart, soul and creative energy into this project; like most of us I hold a far higher standard for myself than I do for anyone else and I would feel out of integrity with myself if I didn’t produce the absolute best I possibly could. That means hours of research, working things out, finding solutions, testing and trialling, redoing, and generally going all in. Also, I learn fast. Type A rant over. 🙂 }

essential kit

my filming tool of choice, after more research than i care to think about

The one thing I haven’t mentioned til now is that I took a course to teach me how to create a course. Maybe because I felt it might sound a bit ridiculous and/or lame. I mean, shouldn’t I just be able to do it by myself? {See Type A rant.}

behind the scenes filming of the creative spark ecourse

my highly professional filming set up. embarrassing trivia: my first face-to-camera video involved over 40 takes. i have some awesome outtakes to prove it. which you probably won’t be seeing.

In a series of serendipitous events I stumbled on Megan Auman’s Do/Teach course just a day or two before it began, wavered, said yes, and it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done, as well as being in the top two best online classes I’ve taken. {She has just started round two of it if you’re interested, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.}

behind the scenes filming of the creative spark ecourse

jerry rigging the ipad to film my demos was an interesting exercise in creative problem solving

I have been in love with this project from day one of Megan’s class; it caters to all my strengths around learning, researching, find solutions and ways around things, being creative, making art, and sharing what I know. And there’s no way I could have created such a thought through, carefully constructed course of my own without the extra help.

Working out how to break down my process {which I didn’t believe actually existed}, who I wanted to create the course for, what I wanted to share, how to actually create each part, and how I wanted anyone who signed up to feel both in taking the course and afterwards, were all challenges of the kind I enjoy most.

behind the scenes of developing the creative spark ecourse

i don’t mind admitting some days i need a more nurturing approach to getting it all done

And as you know, there have been some low points, but many, many more high points. I have have just started dipping my toe in the life I always dreamed about but never truly believed I could have; doing what I love and am best at and making it into a lifestyle that sustains and fulfils me both creatively and financially. I am overwhelmed by that thought daily.

behind the scenes collage

a bit of collage action

Obviously I hope that what I’m creating here will be of value to all who join in, and sometimes I fall over and fear it won’t be. I dread disappointing people and letting myself down. Then I remember {sometimes with help!} that putting your heart into something is never wasted, whatever the outcome.


The Creative Spark classroom is filling up! But there’s still plenty of room for you if you’d like to join us. As always, please email me with any questions or doubts you may have, and I’ll do my best to help you make the decision either way.

Here’s the page with all the info.