Clearly pulling off a whole masterpiece {as we know I totally can} every day is a little unrealistic. I haven’t actually even managed to make art {even a little} every day since last week when I had the ‘start with art first thing’ brainwave.


I do however have very good excuses reasons for that, but even so I can feel the tug. And yes sometimes I feel the tug and then go and do something completely different.


Anyway, this happened the other day; I don’t know what it is about Frida Kahlo, she is so amenable to being drawn. I think it’s to do with her striking look, her exotic mystique and her incredible strength through suffering; she is quite fascinating, and the Salma Hayek film about her is one of my all time favourites.


I haven’t really done her justice here; as ever, going for an accurate reproduction evades me. I don’t mind about that except when it’s obvious who it is and somehow isn’t quite right!


But I do love this technique. Sometimes you don’t want to get the paints out, and as a lifelong fan of charcoal, this charcoal/pastel method is really fun to do, and kind of magical to see it emerging.


I got annoyed with the flowers so they are a bit of a mess, and obviously it could use some adjustment, but the point was I got up and made some art. When I do get up to the studio {and not filming lessons} I’m currently working on a ginormous seagull painting, which I’ll share when it’s finished.

frida two

So don’t expect to see that any time soon.