Three little words. Huge meaning. I’m currently working out a bajillion behind-the-scenes details for the Creative Spark ecourse. This is one of those projects that until you do it yourself, you have no idea what goes into these things. I have new respect for online teachers everywhere. Seriously.


These photos document me trying out ideas for lessons for the course. Going back to the beginning is so interesting! I’m really having to get into the mind of a creative beginner, and as I said the other day, being a beginner at something else {ie teaching online} is really helping with that.


For one thing, a lot of the fears that come up are the same, and this is something I’ll talk about another day. When you really care about something, you need to be ready for how much fear and doubt is going to come up around that. I’m no stranger to fear and doubt obviously {!}, but because it’s not something I experience much in the studio this is proving a very interesting exercise for me as the teacher.


It was good to get the paint moving around on paper again, as I haven’t had time to really get busy in the studio since DAPWYL ended. It’s like this space inside me that nothing else will fill, but I need to prioritise.


I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who so kindly chipped in with votes for the logo, as well as for all the great feedback I’ve received in support of this idea. It means so much at the beginning of a big adventure like this.

I’m available for interviews or guest posts, and would appreciate greatly any help spreading the word to potential students out there who would love some help and guidance in getting started with bringing more creativity into their lives. Thank you for being here guys!

Earlybird registration opens soon. I will keep you posted.