So, still going strong with DAPWYL! Still learning a lot, relishing the discussions in the classroom and making plenty of new art. This week was mostly about negative space and monoprinting, which is a technique using a glass or perspex sheet, watercolours and inks {in our case}. I did monoprinting at school but not in quite the same way. I LOVED it.

Here is some of the recent produce.

chagall painting

a chagall painting turned into a black and white copy as inspiration {i am newly obsessed with chagall now}

monoprint stage one

mapping out the first few colours on the glass

monoprint stage two

adding more colours

monoprint stage three

first print just after peeling off the glass and before going in with the inks


completed monoprint {my fave}

seagull monoprint

second monoprint: i did it from a photo instead of a painting so it came out kind of flatter, but i’m liking the texture

monoprint from camwow

ugh! sickly person alert. third monoprint taken from one of the photos used when we were doing charcoal portraits. in the interest of not totally dissing my own work, it was a good exercise in mark making. but dear god i need some softer paint colours and to never do hair like that again.

The second set of prints used a slightly different technique, the process and outcome of which I didn’t enjoy as much ~ not so painterly ~ but it produced some interesting marks and textures.

shapes print group

channelling matisse i think here. used the wrong type of ink but still turned out ok.

doily print group

using the right type of ink here. they came out paler because the doilies and meshes I was using were different thicknesses.

doily print

a close up of the best doily print

I’ve never learned so much in an online art class. The thing I love perhaps the most is how Pauline is using a kind of ‘connect the dots’ method, introducing us to lots of seemingly unconnected styles, methods and techniques, and then linking them together. It gives a completely new perspective on how to make art.