So lately finishing a painting is not an experience I’m intimately acquainted with.

sea flowers in progress

Which is why doing a class can be really helpful; cause you HAVE TO. Something in me clicks when Carla says ‘today you’re going to finish the painting you started the other day’. It just goes, ‘ok’.

sea flowers in progress 2

Why that doesn’t happen when I say that to myself is a mystery.

sea flowers in progress 3

Anyway, this week we’ve progressed from paper to wood panels! I don’t often use wood panels. I just seem to love canvas. But the rigidity of the wood is good for holding big globs of gesso and pressing hard.

sea flowers in progress 4

I took these photos with my phone during the process, mainly because I’m joined at the hip with Instagram {if you’re on it too, come and say hi! @taraleaver}.

sea flowers in progress 5

 Part of Carla’s process is to keep going back in, adding and knocking back, which I think is partly the reason why my own paintings aren’t progressing in a healthy way lately. I have a touch of the old ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-do-and-I-might-ruin-it’ paralysis. Also I have no idea what I want to SAY, which is also handily sidestepped by doing a class.

sea flowers in progress 6

Happens to the best of us. 😉

sea flowers in progress 7

This one went through a painfully bright yellow phase and a disturbing ‘dirty’ looking phase, but using Carla’s adding/removing system and persevering because it ‘had’ to be finished took me through both with surprising ease and speed. {Note to self; DO THIS.}

sea flowers in progress 8

 After the addition of pencil and charcoal for definition and depth, we finished with some white acrylic ink.

sea flowers in progress 9

 I’m calling it Sea Flowers. I took the shape from an image I saw during week one, when we were sketching sea plants.

Sea Flowers side view

 Here’s a nice little close up; the textures are a little bit to die for.

Sea Flowers detail

 ‘Sea Flowers’

 25 x 25 x 2.5cm

mixed media on wood panel

Available to purchase here.

 Sea Flowers by Tara Leaver