Two posts on two consecutive days. What IS the world coming to.

Here are my two paintings for this week’s Flower Crazy class. Carla taught us a way to paint with gesso and watercolour, and it’s so fun! It makes this excellent aged effect, and is one of those activities where the process is so fun you don’t really care what the outcome is.

Which is lucky, as this isn’t really my vibe, colourwise:

Flower Crazy Week 2 #1

Texture wise though; LOVING IT! {In the voice of Phil from Modern Family.}

Flower Crazy Week 2 #2

As you might imagine, I prefer this one. I’m thinking of introducing this technique into my own paintings. I started a new one last night, in a sudden urge to put down some hardcore colour, but am now stuck. Same old same old. 🙂 Good times.