You may recall I mentioned I was participating in Vivienne McMaster’s Be Your Own Beloved online self portrait photography class throughout February.

A combination of a recently thoroughly broken heart, a growing realization of the real need to start caring for and getting to know myself better, and a desire to have something positive and creative to focus on led me to sign up.



These are my photos from the first week. Viv sends us an email every day with a theme to explore through our lens, whether that’s a phone or a hardcore DSLR or anything in between.


All the themes are centred around, of course, the concept of self care and self love. I know from taking Wading In a couple of years back how healing and also how fun self portraiture can be.


It also helps to have programmes like PicMonkey and PixlrExpress available to make your photos all super enhanced. 🙂


So far it’s been fun and also challenging. Sometimes it can be quite vulnerable-making, but the support and encouragement within the Flickr group is so heart warming.


Not to mention inspiring; there are so many wonderful and imaginative interpretations of the prompts, it’s a real joy to visit when I upload my own photos.


I know it’s not painting ~ that is happening too but is all in progress at the moment ~ but I like to keep a record of all my creative doings. 🙂 I’m also working on getting my book published by my birthday {21st}, so most of my energy is going in that direction at the moment.  Exciting and frustrating in equal measure. And wait til you see the cover! {more on that to come}