I’ve been dying to have these shots in my library. There are only two so far but they show the manifestation of a dream I’ve had since being a teenager, and a more specific concept I started developing last year.

If you swing by here fairly regularly, you’ll know by now about my Creative Spark Sessions.  The idea is to offer a safe, supportive, inspiring space for anyone to come and explore their creativity without fear of judgement.

There are many workshops and classes out there that teach you how to do something, but I have not yet come across any that just let you play freely and choose your own direction and focus. A place with no planned outcome, no grades, where you can play on your own or with others as suits you best.

I have time, glorious studio space, materials, experience, empathy and a strong desire to be of service. I have wanted to offer something creative, healing and of value to others most of my life, but I never knew how. I don’t know where this is leading but I know this is the most perfect manifestation of that desire up to this point.

I have a process for introducing the concept and getting someone started, but there’s very little actual structure; the session is directed by the choices of the participants. There is no good or bad, and whether or not you can draw an accurate likeness of something is not relevant.

Everything is set up so that people can feel comfortable and safe to express themselves creatively with freedom and confidence. I am running ‘guinea pig’ sessions all this week and so far the feedback has been fantastically positive. It seems people are crying out for this, even if they didn’t know that before I told them about it!

People want to return home to themselves, they want to explore their creativity ~ even when they are not convinced they have any; that’s how strongly it burns inside ~ and I’m learning so much from each person and each session about what is required and how to evolve the experience so each person receives what they need.

It is a total honour to have the opportunity to do this. It is an opportunity not just for me to give, but also to practice everything I’ve learned on my path about love and service and healing. I am so grateful to my guinea pigs and to all the strands that came together to allow me to be here at this point in my life.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please get in touch! I see my role as just an element of a continually evolving process, and anything I can learn and integrate will contribute to making it a better experience for everyone courageous enough to come through my door. And if you or someone you know might benefit, please forward them this post or the link to the web page, or share it on social media or any other way you like.

Thank you! 🙂