“New” alert!

I am abounding with newness. Specifically: I went up to the studio the other morning, having made myself a promise that I will spend at least a part of every day up there, and was painting for about 7 hours! That’s, like, almost a day’s work! Ha.

It occurred to me {rather late in the proceedings, as the most obvious things often do}, that if I am committed to this life path of working with spirit {which I am}, and if I want to make the focus of that helping others to find and explore their creativity {which I do}, then my actions really ought to be in alignment with my intentions, and that means spending most of my time in the studio ~ making art, having creative ideas and generally walking my talk.

It’s definitely easier here than at my last place, with the studio being on a different floor and dedicated solely to art.

And want to know what’s cool? Not only did I do a good seven hours, but even after I came back down to my ‘living quarters’ for the evening, I couldn’t stop being creative! I wrote poems, I made an envelope of joy, and I had so many ideas bouncing round my head I couldn’t sleep for ages!

Somewhere on a piece of paper I had written this down ~ that I wanted to be excited when I went to bed and excited when I woke up. I didn’t really think it through as being excited at bedtime is not exactly a recipe for a long peaceful sleep, but no matter; these things can be tweaked.

I’ve even had some initial interest in the Creative Spark Sessions after sending out an email to all and sundry announcing they’d arrived. The thing seems to be: act when inspired, otherwise wait for instructions.

Not a bad motto.

So as you can see this new painting is a reworking of an old one that just wasn’t going anywhere, although I was quite fond of it, and had one or two moments of mild panic that I’d just ruined something worth keeping.

As always, those moments passed though, especially once I’d started on the pencil sketching. And even more so once it was finished.

I used an old painting by an artist I don’t know {sorry, vague} as inspiration for the woman. I have no idea what she’s doing, although in the original she’s sitting down looking very demure.

The painting is now finished, complete with new style signature which I’m really loving, and is hanging in the living room awaiting a title {and a buyer, perhaps}.

Despite my desire to develop a more cohesive and recognisable style, this one looks nothing like the first one I did in the new studio. Apart from the ever present circles of course. Ah well, if you work intuitively you do as you’re told. 😉