Almost half way through the month and I’m finally getting into my stride with AEDM12. Because the studio is STILL full of boxes, ready for the move that is already two months behind schedule, I’m mostly camped out on the coffee table.

I do sometimes marvel at how after all this time I still am either over or under zealous with the photo editing.

Anyway, pish posh. Things I am loving here are: using matte craft paint for the circles {must get more of this matte gorgeousness}, the circles with the lines inside, lettering, leaving lots of white space. I’m revisiting old sketchbook pages lately; this one was a ‘paint blot’ I did months ago.

The words just came from somewhere in my head. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to go within and to really know that everything we need is inside us. I’ve started to find a space inside where it’s quiet with a certain timbre that I can’t really put into words; it’s quite elusive but presumably practice will make enlightened!