This is a revamping of an old painting that had been languishing in a dusty corner of the studio for months. I kind of liked what I’d done but also didn’t because it was unimaginative, looked like something you’d buy as a print on canvas in a generic store, and was frankly pretty boring. It also didn’t feel like me. You have to wonder why and how I painted it!

So. I was a having a Native American moment recently ~ I am intrigued by that culture generally in fact ~ and this is what came of it.

First loads of collage pieces.

Stick ’em down.

Gesso over them.

Pencil in the feathers and use a light blue for the background, which I rubbed back with a cloth.

More detail in the feathers.

Start to add colours. I used coloured pencils and acrylics for this.

More colours.

A Turquoise Phthalo glaze and dirty it up a bit with a stain ink pad.

Boom. Done. It has a really pleasing sheen to it from the glaze, and heaps of texture that hasn’t really shown up in the photo. It feels much more like ‘me’ now. Probably all that turquoise.

Β Three Feathers

Mixed media on canvas

61 x 30 x 3cm