I started a painting a long time ago {as many of my posts begin}, and it was so pretty I then didn’t want to wreck it so didn’t touch it for months. You know how it goes.

Then, {as many of my posts often say next,} I just suddenly decided to finish it. Yay me.

You can kind of see below that it was made up of various squares of collaged paper, overlaid with pale washes of paint in soft pinks and blues, and a bit of Naples Yellow. {Always.}

I don’t have any photos of the first phase {lost in the mists of time}, but you can see what I did next. I had a stamping urge. {Ha ha, I just read that back and realised it sounds a bit like I just wanted to stamp my feet a bit.}

Also more colour, mainly purple and turquoise, a combo I rather love just now.

And because I’m still besotted with the moon ~ really will I ever not be? ~ I put her in too.

And a moth I’ve had for aaaaaaaaaaages, that I’ve been wanting to use but sort of saving for just the right piece. It was one of those ones where I’ve printed onto tissue paper {go here for how to do this; it’s so easy and really effective} and then just glue the image onto the painting, and lo! The tissue ‘disappears’ and the image is left.

You might like to call this cheating but round here baby, there ain’t no rules.


30 x 30 x 4cm