You guys do blow my mind you know. I went off for a nap earlier {waiting is exhausting, apparently; I seem to be physically and emotionally drained}, and when I woke up I found a bajillion lovely little well wishing notes in my comments section! Thank you so much for your supportive, genuine words.

It reminded me even more of what I’d been thinking about this morning, that the manifestation of this new dream home has truly been a group effort; I saw an image in my mind’s eye of one of those fences made of twigs bound together, surrounding me and holding me up.

Every person who over the last couple of months has wished me luck, supported me through doubtful moments, championed my dream, spoken to their guardian angel on my behalf {true story!}, patiently listened while I rattled on ad nauseam about the properties I’d seen, supplied hugs, advice and even money, has been an essential component of bringing it all into being.

You are probably familiar with the Law of Attraction; well I used it to the max for this one! I visualised, daydreamed, told myself stories, wrote lists, concentrated on staying in the happy place {not always easy when dealing with the business side of property transactions} and found in myself a determination, faith and courage I had either forgotten or wasn’t really aware I possessed.

I am veering into a dramatic speech of Oscar proportions here! Part of me is thinking, “Tara love, you’re only buying a flat, not ridding the world of evil”, but then another part is saying, “This is a huge step forward into your life purpose, disguised as bricks and mortar”.

It truly feels like this place is going to be my springboard into doing what I’ve wanted since I was a teenager; offering something of value, something I can be really good at and confident in, that fulfils me AND others equally.

I don’t know exactly what that will look like just yet, but I can tell you it will most certainly involve that luscious airy art room at the top of the house, with its portholes that look down to the sea, its beautiful big butler’s sink and its sloping wall of skylights.

{I just counted 27 tomatoes on my tomato plant! Abundance is everywhere!}

*Images are for August Break Day 2; rambling gratitude speech is because I couldn’t hold it in. 🙂