Today was the final class. Part of me is going ‘Noooo! I have so much still to learn!’ and part of me is ready for the next thing, whatever that may be.

I am inexplicably exhausted at the moment and didn’t take my most fired up creative self to class this morning. As ever, I had no idea what I was going to feel like drawing {planning ahead is useless for the likes of me, it’s all about how I feel in the moment}, just a bunch of images I’ve gathered over the years and a decision to trust that something would emerge.

It did, thankfully. {Note to self; remember that trusting allows for the thing you are trusting to happen, to happen. Nice.} There was quite a bit of practising, as watercolours ~ today’s area ~ are unfamiliar to me. I found it pretty challenging; they are unpredictable and don’t behave at all like acrylics.

Claire suggested I photocopy my peacock from last week and practice on the photocopy. Also to try a few methods in my sketchbook so I don’t ruin my original. All very sensible. And look, the feathers came out beautifully! So I feel comfortable to try that on the real thing.

Since I am working a lot with figures at the moment, the urge to draw that was strongest and I had this striking image from some notecards I had years ago. I swapped the banana skirt for a tutu! And played with blending the watercolours once I’d drawn the outline with pigment liner.

Well I won’t be winning any awards for superior watercolour action any time soon, but I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed the class, so what more can you ask for?

I simply must have a nap now.