I am out of control people! Ha. Which basically means I’ve suddenly started getting busy in the stude again. This pen and ink class has got me all fired up creatively; so happy!  First, some playing with ink, feather, watercolours and some super thick watercolour paper I bought for the class, as instructed.

It bleeds too much and the paper goes bobbly with water {wtf?! It’s watercolour paper!} so I prefer the thick paper I was using before, but still interesting to investigate how all the different elements work together and respond to each other.

I didn’t have anything in mind except to see what happened.

The painting is currently in a state of having been partially cut up. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.

And then this happened; I did the background ages ago and it’s been moping about in the stude, and today I just picked it up and finished it. It’s in my Etsy shop now.

There’s a definite bird theme of late, and I really only want to make marks with a feather since Tuesday. Perhaps I was a bible illustrating monk or a scribe with a quill in a former life. I did experience a past life regression a few years ago ~ I was a seafaring herbalist, but that’s another story.

Oh and ps. I’m on Instagram. I have no idea how to use it but I’m under ‘TaraLeaver’ should you wish to do some mutual following.