After the Day of Revelation, otherwise known as the first time I tried painting with oils, I was keen to try more so I started on these tiny bad boys.

They each measure just 10cm, with a depth of I think about 4cm. {I could go and measure but I can’t be arsed.} I had some notion of doing nine that would all go together.

Sometimes I wonder if I know myself and my incredibly low boredom threshold at all.

I did the same process as the large painting, one I often use in fact, starting with some collage of nicely textured papers and fabric. Here we can clearly see wallpaper, tissue paper, brown paper and linen.

{Sorry, I just finished Bones Season Six and am having withdrawal symptoms so apparently I have to talk like Temperance Brennan now and then. I will try to avoid references to filanges and temporal lobes where possible.}

Then I returned to my usual favourite colours in the blue spectrum and played for a while.

Then I lay down on the floor and had a nap. Right next to my paintings. {I know, I thought that was kind of weird too.}

Later on I added this girl; you may recognise her from my sketchbook drawing the other day. This is probably the moment to fess up that I traced the first one and then turned it over and pencilled over it so the tracing transferred to the sketchbook. This one I at least copied, with my own fair hand. But only because it was too small to trace.

And so, true to form, it’s a mixed media painting; collage, oils, acrylics, pencil and pen. Now for the next two… or something entirely unrelated.

You can never tell with me.