Alright my lovely darlings!

I know you are totally on the edge of your seats to find out how my first ever go at oil painting panned out…

It was FAB!!

It took me a while to really ‘learn’ the ways of oil, and clearly I’ve only just scratched the surface {literally in some areas :)}, but once I got over the fact that it isn’t acrylic and therefore doesn’t behave like acrylic ~ I know, but it’s like I’ve developed a muscle memory for how to apply paint ~ it was so groovy!

I went in with a prepared {lightly collaged} canvas and a half baked idea about layers and a figure. Two and a half hours or so later {I never work that long without a break by myself; clearly a classroom atmosphere is good for me}, and I had done this:

Now, you know I’m not normally one to blow my own trumpet, but BLOODY HELL I love this painting! I had no idea oil paints could give so much more of a professional look to a painting. It doesn’t really show here but this could easily be in a gallery. It would sell very quickly. That’s right! For at least a million.

{If your eyes are widening at my Extreme Self Confidence All Of A Sudden you can imagine D’s face after half an hour of me waxing lyrical about my own work.}

Actually, I’m not sure it’s finished, but there is that slight Fear of Ruination going on. We’ll see.

I’m not gonna lie, tidy up time was a little tedious, and white spirit really does nothing for my hands, but I loved it so much I went back today and started three new canvases! Little ones. More on that another time.

So basically, if you’ve been thinking about trying oils and haven’t got round to it, do it do it do it! It’ll open up a whole new world to you, promise.